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Stephen Dillane: Filming Game of Thrones is an industrial experience

"Filming was more fun on The Tunnel, to be honest, more... humane" logo
Published: Saturday, 17th May 2014 at 7:00 am

Your favourite TV double act?


I just keep thinking of Morecambe and Wise. What made them work together so well? Everything.

How did filming The Tunnel compare to Game of Thrones?

The filming experience was more fun on The Tunnel, to be honest, more... humane. GoT is more of an industrial filming experience; you don’t actually meet that many people. I’ve only met three other cast members. I’d never met Natalie!

What makes a good co-star?

Working with Clémence [Poésy, his co-star in The Tunnel] was nice – she’s present, professional, responsive, knows what she’s doing. She didn’t come on set with an idea that I had to organise myself around. It was very collaborative.

Do you have any tricks to learning your lines?

Tricks? No. I often don’t even learn them, to be honest. I just turn up and trust that the reality of the situation will produce those lines. It depends how good a script is, often, and then trust that there’s enough time to refine the work.

Who should win RT’s Audience award?

I haven’t seen any of them! Sorry.

British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 18 May at 8:00pm on BBC1. 



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