Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch on a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina / Riverdale crossover: “I could completely see Sabrina enjoying a piece of cheesecake at Pop’s”

The duo are keen to see the two worlds collide


Ever since Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – the new series from Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa – was announced, fans have been wondering if we’ll see the two shows cross-over.


Both are teen melodramas based on characters from Archie Comics, and are set in the neighbouring towns of Riverdale and Greendale so are ripe for some sort of mashup.

But what do the stars of Sabrina think of the idea? Would they accept an invitation from Archie and co? caught up with Kiernan Shipka, AKA Sabrina, and Ross Lynch, who plays Sabrina’s boyfriend Harvey, to find out…

“I could completely see Sabrina enjoying a piece of cheesecake at Pop’s [diner],” says Shipka.

“I don’t think Roberto is planning on it right now because he’s focusing on getting this out, and you don’t wanna rush anything. but it’s also like a never say never situation.”

“It’s kind of hard to imagine, because the worlds are – they really are very different,” says Lynch. “A lot of people are expecting Sabrina to be a bit more like Riverdale considering it’s the same creator, but I really don’t think thats a fair comparison. It’d be interesting to see the different aesthetics collide, and how that would work.”

Shipka continues: “I also don’t think it could be a cross-over episode where we met in the middle. I think one of their characters would have to come to our show or vice versa, but I don’t think that the entire shows could merge.”

And Ross is game to see Harvey make his way across town.

“Yeah, basically Harvey somehow stumbles his way over to Riverdale or something,” he says. “Or Sabrina and Harvey. That’d be fun.”

Riverdale airs on The CW network in the US (though Netflix owns the UK distribution rights) and Netflix produces Sabrina, so there may be some contractual roadblocks to overcome before any cross-over happens.

Maybe Sabrina could use a little bit of magic to get the ball rolling…


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina launches on Netflix on Friday 26th October