by Hannah Parry Billings


It comes as no surprise that Netflix has ventured once more into the world of comic book adaptations. Following the successes of The Umbrella Academy, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale, the latest caricature-inspired offering has hit our screens.

October Faction, based on the comic book of the same name by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, is one of the first Netflix Originals to kick off 2020. But what does the future hold for the series?

Will there be an October Faction season 2?

With the release of the first season on 23rd January 2020, Netflix is likely to wait a while before announcing a potential season two. Once the success of the show is assessed, it seems inevitable – if it follows suit with other similar adaptations – that this will be the case.

When will October Faction season 2 be released on Netflix?

Season two does not have a confirmed release date. However, the first season's 10 episodes are currently available to watch on Netflix for viewers to binge-watch.

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With the appetites of fans for these adaptations not waning – with seven films from the DC universe and three from Marvel released in 2019 – the odds are good for October Faction to be a success.

The show offers this loyal audience a chance to absorb themselves in a world of sci-fi/horror, monsters and secrecy – all set in a small town.

What is October Faction about?

Bringing together classic comic book tropes of family upheaval, parental fatality and monsters, October Faction has all the ingredients for a highly-addictive narrative.

The central protagonists – Fred and Deloris Allen – return to their hometown in upstate New York following the death of Fred’s father. The couple move in with their teenage children – Geoff and Viv – consequently having to hide their identities as globetrotting monster hunters; which becomes ever more complicated when the small town they reside in is not all it seems.

There is plenty of source material with six comic book volumes, and with the co-creators themselves working on the TV series, fans should be reassured that the story should feel tonally the same to the comics.

October Faction - Netflix

Who’s in the cast of October Faction?

Tamara Taylor (Bones, Lost) plays Deloris and JC MacKenzie (The Wolf of Wall Street) plays Fred, leading the cast in monster-hunting adventures. Aurora Burghard (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Impulse) play Viv and Geoff, who become central to the couple’s secret identity and tackling the unexpected chaos their “idyllic” hometown throws at them.

Wendy Crewson (Room), Megan Follows (Reign) and Stephen McHattie (Watchmen) also appeared in the first season.


Is there a trailer?

There isn’t a trailer for season two, however – but here's a look at season one to give you a taste of what to expect: