If you're a big fan of Neil Gaiman and happen to be nearby this Waterstones in London, you might want to get to this bookstand.


The Good Omens author revealed on Twitter that he popped into the branch at Piccadilly to pick up a book, and when he saw this display of his novels he couldn't help doing something slightly mischievous – and incredibly exciting.

Gaiman revealed that he signed "most" of the books on this stand, meaning there will be plenty of gobsmacked fantasy fans who will get an incredibly special treat when they buy a copy of Norse Mythology or Smoke and Mirrors.

The author has form – he's known for sneaking into shops, covertly signing copies and posting about his actions on Twitter...

Gaiman's upcoming adaptation of Good Omens has a star-studded cast including David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Jon Hamm, with the creator and showrunner saying the fantasy drama will come to BBC2 "about six months" after it launches on Amazon Prime.