The latest horror series from The Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan is now streaming on Netflix, with several cast members from the writer/director's previous TV projects reuniting for Midnight Mass.


The seven-episode limited series explores events after an enigmatic new priest arrives on the fictional Crockett Island and begins to perform miracles, as the islanders react in wildly different ways to the mysterious preacher – from the fervent believers to the extreme sceptics.

As it moves towards its conclusion, the series goes in some very interesting and rather unhinged directions – culminating in a brilliantly memorable climax.

If you've already watched the finale, you might be wondering if that's it for Midnight Mass, or if the series might return for a second series at some point in the future.

Read on for everything you need to know.

Will there be a second season of Midnight Mass?

Nothing has been confirmed, and to tell the truth, a second season seems extremely unlikely.

The show has always been billed as a Limited Series and reached about as definitive a conclusion as possible in its final chapter – with just about every major character burned alive.

But the good news for Mike Flanagan fans is that he does have another Netflix series in the works – once again with the word midnight in the title.

The Midnight Club is a thriller based on the Christopher Pike young adult novel of the same name and will feature some of the major cast members from Midnight Mass – with Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, Samantha Sloyan and Igby Rigney all set to appear.

Filming concluded in September 2021, and it seems likely that the series will debut around the same time next year – it's become something of a tradition for a new Mike Flanagan project to arrive on the streamer in autumn.

Midnight Mass season 2 possible release date

As mentioned above, a second series of the show does not seem likely – but should any news emerge to the contrary, we'll post the latest release date updates here.

Midnight Mass season 2 cast

One of the biggest reasons why a second series of the show seems so unlikely is that most of the characters were killed off in the first run – with only Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney) and Leeza (Annarah Cymone) surviving.

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As such it seems likely that they would return in the event of a second series – unless it were to go down the anthology route and follow similar events with a completely different set of characters.

Midnight Mass season 2 plot

In the unlikely event of a sequel series, there are two realistic avenues the show could go down. Either it could follow survivors Warren and Leeza after the events of the first run, with the island destroyed and all their loved ones dead.

Or alternatively, it could take the anthology approach and focus on a completely different location – as a new batch of characters deal with similar issues to Crockett Island's inhabitants.

Should we hear anything either way, we'll update this page accordingly.


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