Leslie Jones meets Rickon Stark, yells at him for not zig-zagging

The Ghostbuster and GoT super fan told actor Art Parkinson what we've all been thinking


This Game of Thrones series was rough, guys. And, honestly, by now so many terrible things have happened to beloved characters that we should be desensitised to death by now.


Except we’re not.

It was heartbreaking to watch a young Rickon Stark, pursued by Ramsay’s archers, run towards his big brother Jon Snow – in a straight line. The world collectively cried out “ZIG ZAG!” in the moments before Rickon was pierced and killed by an arrow – and among them was SNL cast member, Ghostbusters star and Game of Thrones super fan Leslie Jones.

“They wouldn’t have killed you if you zig zagged!” Jones exclaims to Art Parkinson, the actor who portrays – er, portrayed – Rickon.

Jones pretty much sums up our emotions – our tear ducts ran dry, our Twitter feeds exploded – but now there’s an app where you can try to right this terrible wrong and zig zag Rickon to freedom.


Come on, Rickon! It’s not that hard to zig zag!