When Tom Marvolo Riddle reveals his true identity to Harry Potter in The Chamber of Secrets, it's a pretty pivotal moment in the Boy Wizard's tale.


But when you translate Harry Potter into different languages, Lord Voldemort's iconic Countdown-esque efforts go to waste because "I am Lord Voldemort" isn't "I am Lord Voldemort" in every language, is it?

Never mind the fact that you've been pronouncing his name WRONG your whole life, or so JK Rowling says. Imagine having to get your tongue around these translations?


The Dark Lord becomes Tom Vorlost Riddle, which gives him the letters he needs to spell out that rather literal sounding "Ist Lord Voldemort"


The King has not left the building when Voldermort heads to France. There he's Tom Elvis Jedusor, which becomes "Je suis Voldemort"

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"Soy Lord Voldemort!" In Spain He Who Must Not Be Named takes on an "S" and drops the "i" for a "y" to become Tom Sorvolo Ryddle.


The Italian translation delivers quite the tongue twister. Tom Orvoloson Riddle = "Sono Lord Voldemort!"


The Scandinavians go right back to the beginning, serving up a Latin language version. Tom Gus Mervolo Dolder = "Ego Sum Lord Voldemort"


Their Norwegian neighbours give the dreadful wizard a suitably ominous name. Tom Dredolo Venster = "Voldemort den store"


Who on earth is Romeo G. Detlev Jr? Lord Voldermort, actually. It spells out "Jeg er Voldemort" in Danish, y'see. The G. is short for Gåde, which is Danish for riddle


Anton Morvol Hert? Is that Anton off Strictly? Nope, it's the Greek translation of Tom Riddle's message. Αντον Μόρβολ Χερτ (Anton Morvol Hert) = Αρχων Βόλτεμορτ (Lord Voldemort)


Is that a little coincidental nod to Ms Rowling we spot lurking in Tom Rowle Denem's middle name? It's how the Hungarians can pick out "Nevem Voldemort"


Neville's toad Trevor trading places with the Dark Lord? Nope, just Trevor Delgome, which is "Eg er Voldemort" in Icelandic


We're back to basics with good old Tom Lomen Valedro in Finland, where He Who Must Not Be Named says "Ma olen Voldemort"



And finally, the Faroe Islands get the prize for most apt translation. Tom Evildo Reger = "Eg eri Voldemort"

We've all been pronouncing Lord Voldemort's name wrong, says JK Rowling