Game of Thrones fans are in total awe of Maisie Williams’ dagger flip skills

The actress behind Arya Stark is a force to be reckoned with

arya stark maisie williams

Game of Thrones fans are mesmerised by Maisie Williams’ dagger-flipping skills in a video of a sparring match between her and Gwendoline Christie.


The behind-the-scenes video shows the 5’1″ Arya Stark actress face the 6’3″ Brienne star, in footage posted by HBO on Monday as part of their digital series The Game Revealed.

Williams’ flips the dagger from one hand to the other effortlessly, and her skills have seriously impressed Twitter…

Game of Thrones stunt co-ordinator Rowley Imran told back in May that out of the whole cast, Williams is one of the “stand-out performers”.


Be right back, just going to watch this on repeat until the final series of Game of Thrones comes out in 2019.