Four new things we’ve just learned about Game of Thrones

Last night's series four launch revealed a few new facts we didn't know about the hit HBO fantasy series and its stars...

So the fourth series of Game of Thrones is very almost upon us. Last night, a lucky few got to watch the first episode at the launch in London – and afterwards witness stars Sophie Turner, Liam Cunningham and John Bradley discuss the show.


There we learned a few new facts about the hit HBO fantasy series. Don’t you worry though, there are no spoilers. Like, absolutely none.

Here’s what we learned…

1. Liam Cunningham thinks a White Walker will finally take the Iron Throne.

Forget King Joffrey. Never mind about Daenerys Targaryen. Stannis Baratheon, who? Liam Cunningham, the actor who plays Davos in Game of Thrones, reckons they’ll all be beaten in the bid to secure the Iron Throne. Cunningham cited a line of Tyrion’s – “If you think this is going to have a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention” – before saying: “I have this image in my head of a White Walker sitting on the Throne.”

2. John Bradley would like to have a go at playing Jaime Lannister

With such an extensive cast, playing an array of great parts, it must be easy to feel momentarily jealous of the scenes your Game of Thrones contemporaries get to act in. And John Bradley, who plays Nights Watchman Sam Tarly, isn’t afraid to admit he’s a little bit envious of Jaime Lannister. Something about Jaime always feeling superior to others, even when he’s a handless captive, while poor ol’ Sam always feels a little low…

3. Sophie Turner fancies a long, glamorous death for Sansa Stark 

In a series such as Game of Thrones, where nobody is ever safe, it’s only natural to ponder your own mortality. Asked how she would like to see her character Sansa Stark die, Sophie Turner replied that a long, slow death – one that ideally lasts two or three seasons – was for her. “I’d like at least a whole episode dedicated to my death…,” said Turner. “Something that would really drag out.”

4. The show’s original pilot was so bad that Game of Thrones almost wasn’t made

Now we all love Game of Thrones, we can’t imagine a world without it. But life without Westeros that wasn’t that far from becoming a reality. “Apparently the pilot was fairly bad,” Turner revealed. “We had to reshoot basically all of it because it was really bad… We thought it was great [but] apparently HBO almost said no.”

Game of Thrones returns on Monday 7 April on Sky Atlantic.