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Did you spot the joke Tyrion's been trying to tell since Game of Thrones series one?

What IS the punchline?

Published: Monday, 11th July 2016 at 1:35 pm

If you thought Game of Thrones was about politics, power and those fire-breathing dragons, you were oh-so-wrong. It's actually about Tyrion Lannister's fledgling stand up career.


It turns out Cersei and Jaime's younger brother has been trying to tell a joke since way back in season one, but he keeps getting interrupted.

His first attempt came in season one episode six before he was silenced by Lysa Arryn...


And he's still trying now. He last began his gag in season six episode eight. Getting a little further before his chat with Greyworm and Missandei was brought to an abrupt end when the Masters appeared in Meereen.


What's the punchline? We're still waiting. And waiting. And waiting...


Bring on season seven, eh?


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