Colin Morgan: Merlin movie could leave fans “unsatisfied”

The star of the fantasy drama fears transferring the BBC show to the big screen could be a mistake and says the series ends this Christmas "on a high"

There’s unlikely to be a Merlin movie because any additional stories beyond the television finale could leave fans “unsatisfied”, according to the show’s star Colin Morgan.


The 26-year-old actor, who has played the young wizard since the BBC fantasy drama began in 2008, says he’s “very pleased” with the way series five concludes and believes that fans will be similarly satisfied that the show ends “on a high”.

“I think now that it’s out in the open that this is the final series, I think fans will be satisfied with how it’s ended” Morgan told

“To do any more would possibly go down an avenue that would lead to people being unsatisfied. I think it’s important to end on a high.”

But despite the programme remaining true to its roots in Arthurian legend, Morgan says there are still a few surprises in store for fans before the show finishes this Christmas.

“When I read the final episodes I was extremely pleased with them. I was also shocked – they were very unexpected,” he said.

“I obviously had in my head an idea of where they were going to go, and from having read Arthurian legend, I knew how it ended in legend.

“I was very, very pleased with it and I think the fans will be too.”

Merlin’s co-creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy announced in 2011 that they were in discussions about a Merlin film, but have since said they feel the end of the current series is where “the storylines truly reach their apex”.


Merlin’s fifth and final series will come to an end with a two-part special airing over the festive period on BBC1. The first part of series five is out now on DVD.