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Who is New Media? Meet the New God taking over from Gillian Anderson in American Gods season 2

South Korean actress Kahyun Kim will play Gillian Anderson's successor New Media in American Gods season two

Media and New Media in American Gods

When Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods was first published in 2001, the media landscape was a very different place.


After all, this was years before the launch of the first iPhone and the rise of the smartphone; years before Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

And so, after Gillian Anderson's exit from American Gods as the all-important character "Media," producers decided to give the New Gods an update for 2019.

Introducing: New Media...

Who is New Media in American Gods?

New Media is played by South Korean actress Kahyun Kim, who has previously appeared in Shameless, Austin & Ally, and The Mysteries of Laura.

The idea is to make the character more relevant to the modern media landscape, and so she becomes "the goddess of global content" and "a cyberspace chameleon" who is also "a master of manipulation."

New Media will apparently even have some “Mark Zuckerberg-like” qualities.

So what is her philosophy? Here's a special message from New Media herself:


American Gods airs on Starz in the US, and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and internationally

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