Amazon’s The Boys flip the bird in season two promo poster

Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher flip off as they prepare to take on the superhero elite called "The Seven"


The Boys has released a new promotional image ahead of season two – and in typically irreverent style, it shows key cast members giving the middle finger.


The Amazon Prime Video superhero series, based the comic book of the same name, follows Hughie Campbell, an ordinary young man whose girlfriend is killed by one of “The Seven,” an elite group of superheroes controlled by a corporation called Vought.

Hughie (Jack Quaid) eventually teams up with a rebel group who aim to expose The Seven’s corruption and take them down.

In the new promotional image, members of the group – including Hughie and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) – stand in front of a peeling poster that pictures “The Seven”. The image is captioned with an emoji of a hand giving the middle finger, with the line, “That’s it.”

There’s not yet any news about when season two will land, but the plot will no doubt follow on from the series one bombshell cliffhanger, which saw Billy Butcher come to question everything he’d been fighting towards…


You can watch The Boys season one on Amazon Prime Video now.