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Alexander Vlahos: I would say 'yes' to more Merlin

"Merlin will be something that will stay with me forever," says the 27-year-old star of new BBC2 period drama Versailles

Published: Monday, 30th May 2016 at 7:00 am

Since Merlin ended in 2012, its loyal fans have had their fingers crossed for a reboot, a film, a reunion. Basically anything which equals more of the Saturday night fantasy series.


Sure, the final episode ended with the death of King Arthur and his adversaries Morgana and Mordred. But, hey, this show's about magic so anything is possible. And Alexander Vlahos, who played Mordred, is keen for Merlin to come back.

"I would say 'yes'," he tells us. "Purely because I'd get to see the guys again. I had such a great time.

"They are some of the best friends I've made while being an actor. They're the ones I still keep in touch with. I'm so, so grateful to Merlin for giving me so many great opportunities and because I got to meet amazing people."

He does warn fans, "Don't hold your breath!" but adds: "Even just to get in a room with them again and reminisce, talk about that amazing job, would be lovely."

"Every year on the day that Merlin was created and also on the day that Merlin finished, the fans come out in their droves and they celebrate the show. Some people are still messaging me pretty much every day saying, 'Are we going to get a season six?' I love it."

Colin Morgan in Merlin (BBC, HF)

Vlahos, who stars in upcoming BBC2 period drama Versailles, does admit that there was a time when the attention from Merlin fans was quite intense: "While the show was on I couldn't get on the tube without people telling me they couldn't wait for Saturday night."

Especially when the final, fatal episode aired...

"I'm to blame, specifically me," he laughs. "Me and Mordred are to blame for killing King Arthur and ruining their favourite TV show. So that was a thing that followed me around for a while as well."

But, now, the 27-year-old calls the role of Morded "a blessing."

"The Merlin fans are the best example of a fandom," he continues. "They love the show and follow our careers endlessly. Merlin will be something that will stay with me forever and I don't find it a burden. I welcome it."


Versailles starts on 1st June at 9:30pm on BBC2


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