14 things everyone who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones thinks about Game of Thrones

Why does every character's name have a "y" in it? And is winter ever, EVER coming?!


It’s a hard month for us non-Throners. As the return of Westeros looms large, we look ahead to weeks and weeks of feeling left out of the telly conversation. Because unless you’ve dedicated hour-upon-hour of time to George R.R. Martin’s fastidious fantasy, you’re not going to have the faintest idea about Dothraki, King’s Landing or The Night’s Watch (I feel your pain. I just had to look those up in a glossary).


Predictably conversation at RadioTimes.com HQ has turned to Starks and Lannisters over the last couple of days – what with the star-studded season five premiere taking place in London last night – but I can’t play along. In fact, I’m left baffled by this mind-boggling world where dragons are pets and weddings are always multi-coloured.

Am I the only one to feel this way? Surely not. Here are 14 things those of us who haven’t seen Game of Thrones think about Game of Thrones…


For those of you who do watch Game of Thrones, series five begins on 13th April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic