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‘You’re lying trash!’: Kim Woodburn storms out of Loose Women studio after fight with Coleen Nolan

The two former Celebrity Big Brother stars clashed again as Janet Street Porter tried to end their feud

Published: Wednesday, 29th August 2018 at 3:24 pm

Remember when How Clean Is Your House star Kim Woodburn clashed with Coleen Nolan on Celebrity Big Brother? The fight where Woodburn called the TV presenter a "two-faced maggot"?


No need: the two stars kickstarted an explosive row again on Wednesday’s Loose Women.

Woodburn and Nolan appeared on the show as host Janet Street Porter attempted to end their 18-month-long feud. And it didn’t go well. At all.

After taking her spot on the panel, Woodburn turned to Nolan and said: "You wanted me here, what have you got to say? I didn't ask to come here."

This was followed by some bickering until Coleen then (sort of) tried to make amends with Woodburn. "I think Kim's right, I was two-faced with Kim in the [Big Brother] house," Coleen said. "I tried not to be in the beginning, I did try to be the peacemaker in the house because everyone was rowing.

"I think Kim very very cleverly – because she's a superfan of the show, of Big Brother – came in to play, 'oh, look at me, poor me, I'm being bullied, everyone's picking on me', in the hope they weren't showing that she came in like a demon from day one."

After yet more bickering and accusations from panelist Linda Robson that the TV cleaner might have "anger issues", Woodburn responded.

"I'm going to tell you something, then I'm going to go," she started. "A lot of people have miserable lives, not just me, I'm not suggesting for one moment... we've all had problems and we always will.

"I had a very, very sad childhood, a brutal childhood. Terrible."

It was then that Robson put a reassuring hand on Woodburn before Woodburn swiped it away, saying "Don't be two-faced!"

"[I had] a brutal rotten childhood – I can't describe what I went through! I went in the Big Brother house, and all the memories of those years came back,” Woodburn continued. “The bullying... and I was very upset in that house, and I pretended I wasn't. I was terribly upset. They picked on me!"

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She added: "I will never forget what the likes of [Nolan] and several others put me through! I'll never forget it – never!

"I lose my temper, but I've got a good heart and soul. She sits there, she's as hard as nails!"

Woodburn then called Nolan a “con artist”, before standing up, pointing a finger to her and saying “I wouldn’t want to speak to lying trash like you!"

Finally, she branded Nolan a “horrible person” before the show cut to the adverts.

After the break, Nolan told viewers that members of the Loose Women team were backstage with Kim.

“We didn’t intend for it to actually end like that, we were hoping – actually genuinely hoping – for some kind of reconciliation," she said.


Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12:30pm

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