You can play a giant free Monopoly game on London’s Trafalgar Square this weekend

Will you pass go? Will you collect £200?


Never mind Harry Potter and his giant game of Wizard Chess, head to London’s Trafalgar Square this weekend and you can actually become a figure on a massive Monopoly board.


And there’ll be no need to fight over who gets the dog or the hat or the train or the iron when you’re an actual game piece yourself now, will there?

(Maybe paint yourself silver for the occasion?)

The 15 metres by 15 metres version of Monopoly has been customised to tell the history of video games in the UK and London, as part of the London Games Festival, which runs from April 1st to 10th across the capital.

The game board features a who’s who and what’s what of British gaming history, with players getting the opportunity to learn about the rise of home computing, the arrival of games consoles, and how UK based games creators became part of the phenomenon.

If you fancy playing a round you’ll need to use the official Festival app’s digital dice, but there’s also an option to just stop by and snap a cheeky selfie with the giant dice and two giant playing pieces – the cat and famous car.

We were hoping for the dog and the iron personally, but we’ll let the creators get out of jail free on that one. 


Monopoly at The Square runs from 10am to 6pm on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd at Trafalgar Square.