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Winter Olympics 2018: Day 8 events, schedule and live TV coverage

Are we in for another Team GB Super Saturday? Elise Christie and Lizzy Yarnold will both be going for gold in an exciting day of action live on BBC and Eurosport

Published: Friday, 16th February 2018 at 8:53 am

Do you remember where you were on Saturday 4 August 2012, aka Super Saturday? Of course you do — watching Team GB’s heroes win three thrilling golds at the Olympic Stadium.


You may have to set your alarm a little earlier this time around, but it’ll be worth it to catch three British medal contenders going for gold in the Super Saturday sequel.

Elise Christie, Lizzy Yarnold and young slopestyle hopeful Izzi Atkin are all worth looking out for from Team GB today.

Check out the Day 8 Winter Olympic highlights, and see the full schedule of events live on BBC and Eurosport below.

Short track speed skating

10am BBC1 and Eurosport 2

Elise Christie was devastated after crashing out in the final of the women's 500m earlier this week, but she still has two more shots at a medal in Pyeongchang 2018. Find out more here.

Women's skeleton

11.20am BBC1 and Eurosport

Lizzy Yarnold won Britain’s only gold in Sochi, but she didn’t have the best of seasons last year," says BBC expert Amy Williams. "But Lizzy’s a great competitor, and always steps up at the major championships. Her experience of winning gold four years ago will really count when the pressure’s on. Racing first is better because the ice is much faster, but the order the racers go in depends on how they do in the heats." Find out more

Freestyle skiing: Women's Slopestyle

1am BBC red button and Eurosport, 3.45am BBC1

"Ski slopestyler Isabel Atkin grew up in Boston. Her dad’s British and her mum’s Malaysian — luckily we were able to convince her to compete for GB!" says Ski Sunday's Graham Bell. "It’s great that we have her: she’s 19, quite quiet, and I think that’s why she gravitated towards the British team. Some of the US team can be quite loud, but Izzy’s not that: she just gets on with the job, and won bronze earlier this year in the World Cup. She has a shot at a podium finish."

Figure skating: men's free programme

2.40am BBC Red Button, Eurosport

"Team USA’s Nathan Chen is the favourite to win and is phenomenal to watch," says BBC commentator Robin Cousins. "The ease with which he rotates is incredible — I’m so jealous! The moves skaters perform now compared to what we did in my day are the stuff of sci-fi. But the downside is that I don’t think they will have long careers, like Torvill and Dean or myself, because what they do now is so physically demanding — but they’re younger and more fearless than ever before."

Men's ice hockey: Olympic Athletes from Russia v USA

2pm BBC Red Button, Eurosport

"The Russian team will be known as the “Olympic Athletes from Russia” after the Sochi doping scandal — but it won’t affect who gets picked," says BBC ice hockey expert Seth Bennett. "In the US, top domestic ice hockey league the NHL has decided not to allow its players to go to the Olympics. Both Canada and the USA have lost their best talent; instead Team USA has looked to college-level athletes, with a few Europe-based players to make up its team. It will be an interesting mix."

Ski jumping: men's individual large hill

12.30pm BBC Red Button, Eurosport 

The world’s top ski jumpers think nothing of the dizzying height of the 100m-high “Large Hill”, or hanging in the air for what seems like an age. No, for them it’s all about coming back down to earth…

“What scares the good guys is, if they have a really, really good jump, they can potentially outjump the landing hill,” says BBC skiing expert Graham Bell.

“The further they jump, the flatter the landing surface. If you land on a steep slope, it cushions and smooths the landing. But as the distances become further, the landing surface becomes flatter and much harder.

“Then it’s all about sticking the landing. All it takes is for the skier to put a hand on the snow — or worse — and that distance counts for nothing.”

How to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 live on TV

Both the BBC and Eurosport will have live coverage of the Games, but as host city Pyeongchang is nine hours ahead of the UK, some events will take place overnight. See listings for details of replays and highlights. There will also be a round-up show every evening on BBC and BBC4.

If you don't have Eurosport, you can access all of their content online: subscribe to Eurosport Player here, or alternatively head over to Amazon Channels to watch all 18 Eurosport streams. Watch here.

Medal events today

Figure Skating: Men’s Free Programme  

Short Track Speed Skating: Women’s 1500m Final and Men’s 1,000m Final 

Alpine Skiing: Women’s Super-G

Ski Jumping: Men’s Individual Large Hill

Cross Country Skiing: Women’s 4 x 5km Relay

Biathlon: Women’s 12.5km Mass Start

Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Slopestyle

Women’s Skeleton

Winter Olympics Day 8 full schedule

12 midnight—6.00am BBC1

12 midnight LIVE Curling: women’s round-robin — Denmark v Great Britain

2.00 LIVE Alpine Skiing: women’s super-G

2.45 Curling: women’s round-robin

3.45 LIVE Freestyle Skiing: women’s slopestyle final

5.15 Figure Skating: men’s free programme

6.00am—10.00 BBC2

6.00am LIVE Curling: men’s round-robin, South Korea v Great Britain

7.30 LIVE Ice Hockey: women’s quarter-finals; men’s preliminary round: South Korea v Switzerland

10.00am—12 noon BBC1

10.00am LIVE Short Track Speed Skating: women’s 1500m heats; men’s 1,000m quarter-finals

11.00 LIVE Curling: women’s round-robin matches

11.20 LIVE Skeleton: women’s third run

12 noon—1.15pm BBC2

12 noon LIVE Skeleton: women’s third run

12.30pm LIVE Curling: women’s round-robin matches

1.00 LIVE Skeleton: women’s fourth run

1.15pm—4.30 BBC1

1.15 LIVE Skeleton: women’s fourth run

1.30 LIVE Curling: women’s round-robin matches

1.45 Short Track Speed Skating: women’s 1500m finals; men’s 1,000m finals

7.00pm—8.00 BBC2: The Games Today

Clare Balding rounds up the action from day eight of the Winter Olympics.

8.00—9.00 BBC4: Winter Olympics Extra

Highlights of the day’s action.

EUROSPORT 1 Sky 400, Virgin 523, BT 412

12.30am Ski Jumping

1.00 LIVE Freestyle Skiing: women’s slopestyle qualifying

2.00 LIVE Alpine Skiing: women’s super-G

3.45 LIVE Figure Skating: men’s free programme

5.15 LIVE Curling: men’s round-robin matches

8.00 LIVE Ice Hockey: men’s preliminary, Switzerland v South Korea

9.30 LIVE Cross Country Skiing: women’s 4 x 5km relay

10.45 Olympic News

11.00 LIVE Skeleton: women’s finals

1.30pm Freestyle Skiing: women’s slopestyle final

2.30 Olympic Extra

3.00 Cross Country Skiing: women’s 4 x 5km relay

4.00 Alpine Skiing: women’s super-G

5.00 Skeleton: women’s third and fourth runs

6.00 Biathlon: women’s 12.5km mass start

7.00 Olympic Round-up

8.30 Alpine Skiing: women’s super-G

9.30 Skeleton: women’s third and fourth runs

10.30 Nordic Skiing


11.00—12.30am Olympic Games Round-up


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