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Will Stephen Bear be permanently removed from the CBB house? Channel 5 remains tight-lipped

Fans want Bear out after last night's clash with Heavy D, which earned him a "formal warning"

Published: Friday, 5th August 2016 at 8:23 am

Celebrity Big Brother fans want to see Stephen Bear permanently removed from the house after his clash with Heavy D last night, which saw him earn a "formal warning" – but the show itself is making "no further comment".


He's "uncontrollable" and should be "thrown out" viewers said after Bear was seen lobbing a mug and smashing a mirror (he's clearly not worried about the whole seven years' bad luck thing).

It all came to a head after Heavy D got the hump about Bear and Chloe Khan snogging in a game of 'dares'. He's not keen on how that will affect their partners on the outside world, and headed into the Diary Room to air his grievances.

But then Bear went and interrupted Heavy D trying to sleep and it was just all too much 'dramz' for one day. The row led to the whole mug throwing thing and eventually Bear was called into the Diary Room where he was told his behaviour was "unacceptable". Security had to be called as he demanded to be let out of the Diary Room, and eventually he was told he had to spend the night in the "spare room".

All very grown up.

Being on a formal warning leaves Bear on thin ice, but it seems no plans are in motion to remove him more permanently. Yet. Let's hope some paper cups have been brought in for him.


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 5


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