Will.i.am accidentally turns for contestant on The Voice – and it’s not the first time

How hard can it be not to press a button, Will?


Know that sinking feeling when you’ve messed up big in your job? Will.i.am does.


During last week’s episode of The Voice, the Black Eyed Peas frontman accidentally pressed his ‘I want you’ buzzer for 25-year-old Lawrence Hill during a cover of Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, a performance Will actually wasn’t too keen on.

But how could he make that mistake? Well, he was trying to wipe away a face he’d drawn on the button with a sharpie. Obviously.

Never doodle with a sharpie Will, especially on the only button in reach that’s a big no-no to press. It’s why you’d never be trusted with the nuclear codes.


It’s not even the first time he’s made this mistake. In the last series of The Voice UK, which aired on the BBC, Will accidentally leant on his button as singer Alaric Green belted out a cover of Broken Vow. As his chair turned the audience could see the coach voicing “Oh no, I didn’t mean to do that.”

Luckily for him, Ricky Wilson also turned and Green chose the Kaiser Chiefs frontman as his coach instead. But none of the panel – Gavin Rossdale, Tom Jones or Jennifer Hudson – bailed Will out on tonight’s show. Lawrence is on Team Will. And it’s probably going to be very awkward between them.

Will isn’t the only coach that’s accidentally slammed on their button though. Way back in 2012 during The Voice’s debut series, Jessie J made the same mistake. However, rather than awkwardly turning while somebody was singing, her chair turned without a contestant on stage.

Make a note, Will. Just not on your button.


The Voice is on 8pm Saturdays, ITV1