Why isn’t Who Do You Think You Are on tonight?

Why isn't Sophie Raworth’s route to her roots on TV? When can you watch it? Your questions answered...


We’ve got bad news for everyone tuning into BBC1 at 8pm to watch BBC news presenter Sophie Raworth’s journey through her family tree on Who Do You Think You Are: it’s not on tonight. But don’t worry, it’s not been cancelled.


Here’s all you need to know…

Why isn’t Who Do You Think You Are on tonight?

A fifth-round FA Cup replay match between Manchester City v Huddersfield Town means changes to the TV schedules and no Who Do You Think You Are? this week. The two sides tied at 0-0 when they clashed earlier in February and instead of ending in extra time or penalties, a draw at this stage in competition leads to a rematch. It’s the same kind of rematch that delayed Sunetra Sarker’s WDYTYA episode earlier this month. 

Match of The Day Live will be on BBC1 tonight, starting at 7:30pm (kick-off 7:45pm). It finishes at 10pm – presuming the match doesn’t end in another draw (which would result in schedule-scrabbling extra time/penalties).

When and where can I watch Who Do You Think You Are?

The episode isn’t on another channel tonight – it’s simply postponed until 8pm next Wednesday (8th March) on BBC1. 

The football also means The Real Marigold Hotel has also been delayed until 9pm (BBC1) next week.

Are there any more FA Cup matches this week?


Nope, your TV schedule is safe for now. Although there is football on this weekend, including Premier League games – you can catch your usual highlights of those on Match of The Day (Saturday 10:20pm BBC1, Sunday 10:30pm BBC1).