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Why isn't The Chase on TV? Fans outraged after The Chase is replaced by Babushka, forcing Rylan Clark-Neal to quit Twitter

ITV assures viewers that The Chase isn’t being axed and “regularly takes breaks throughout the year”

If there’s one thing that angers The Chase fans even more than thieving contestants, it’s the show being taken off air.


Rylan Clark-Neal has felt the wrath of fans after it was announced that his brand new quiz show Babushka will be airing in The Chase’s hallowed slot at 5pm on ITV every day for a month from Monday May 1.

However, ITV has reminded viewers that The Chase often has a holiday and a period off-air. Last summer it was replaced by Cash Trapped, but seeing as that was also hosted by Bradley Walsh fans probably weren't quite so up in arms. Anyway, this year it’s Babushka.

“The Chase regularly takes breaks throughout the year,” said an ITV source. “Babushka is not a replacement for the Chase – there is room for all!"

Chasers Anne Hegerty and Jenny Ryan came to Rylan's defence, taking to Twitter.

Rylan also addressed the drama in his showbiz slot on This Morning wearing an ‘I heart The Chase’ t-shirt:

And at the weekend he took to Twitter to tell people to chill:

And added:

But since then, Rylan's actually gone so far as to quit Twitter over the whole fiasco. His final tweet read: "Getting a bit ridiculous now. Just doing my job. Enjoy the show. Coming off here for a while."


Babushka starts at 5pm (but you knew that already...) from Monday 1st May on ITV


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