Who should win Strictly Come Dancing, statistically speaking?

Caroline Flack, Mark Wright, Frankie Bridge and Simon Webbe are foxtrotting it out for the glitterball trophy this weekend - but which top scorer has the highest average so far?

When it comes to Strictly Come Dancing, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitter and glitz, to find yourself overcome with fake tan fumes, and forget that we are really here to judge dancing ability. So two weeks ago we turned to statistics: numbers, digits, figures and sums must be a reliable way to uncover the true Strictly Come Dancing champion, we thought. We were wrong.


Two weeks ago Pixie Lott was revealed as the best contestant, statistically speaking. If maths had the final say, she should have taken home the glitterball trophy, but she didn’t even make it to the semis. At that point Jake Wood –who was asked to hang up his dancing shoes in last night’s results show – was the highest performing male celebrity too.

Clearly maths has its limititations, but as we approach the end of Strictly’s 12th year – with just the final ahead of us – we couldn’t resist digging out those calculators again to determine who the rightful winner of this year’s competition should be.

We’ve added together our four finalists’ total scores over the course of the series and divided them by the number of dances. Oh, and we ignored week three’s scores – which included points allotted by guest judge Donny Osmond – in the interests of fairness. 

Here’s what we discovered:

WINNER: Frankie Bridge 

It’s a close call between Frankie and Caroline Flack, especially once you take away Donny’s generous scoring. There is just one point left between them. Both of the lasting ladies deserve to make it to the bitter end: they’ve performed at a higher standard than Simon and Mark throughout the competition. It’s also worth noting that Frankie has never – we repeat, never – had a score lower than 30. Fab-u-lous. 

30 + 30 + 32 + 32 + 37 + 32 + 37 + 38 + 36 + 34 + 34 + 38 = 410

Average score per dance: 34.2

Lowest score: 30

Highest score: 38

SECOND: Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack has been an impressive performer during the last few weeks. She might feel less consistent than natural performer Frankie, but there’s no doubt she’s been on more of a journey. The former Xtra Factor presenter has also had the first and only 40 of the series so far, so if you rely on numerics alone, the glitterball is hers for the taking. 

27 + 29 + 33 + 34 + 32 + 31 + 37 + 33 + 39 + 39 + 35 + 40 = 409

Average score per dance: 34.1

Lowest score: 27

Highest score: 40

THIRD: Simon Webbe

When everything’s added and divided, it looks like Blue singer Simon Webbe is set to come in third place. He’s been a strong performer throughout, though he’s certainly upped his game in recent live shoes. A few weeks ago it seemed he’d miss out on making it to the climax of Strictly Come Dancing altogether, but after the judges decided to save him over Pixie Lott, Simon has it all to dance for…

27 + 26 + 31 + 28 + 29 + 33 + 38 + 36 + 38 + 35 + 30 + 38 = 389

Average score per dance: 32.4

Lowest score: 26

Highest score: 38

FOURTH: Mark Wright

He might have been known as Marky No-Moves at the start of the competition, but former TOWIE star Mark Wright has proved he has what it takes to impress on the dance floor. He’s currently coming last on the average score front – and he’s yet to be awarded higher than a 36 by the judges – but he’s actually had fewer scores in the 20s than Simon. A couple of weeks ago it was looking unlikely that he’d make it to the semis, let alone the final, but he’s clung onto his spot in the competition – and he clearly has some serious public support behind him… 

24 + 27 + 29 + 33 + 35 + 31 + 36 + 32 + 32 + 35 + 33 + 33 = 380

Average score per dance: 31.7

Lowest score: 24

Highest score: 36


Strictly Come Dancing concludes on Saturday (20th December) at 6:30pm on BBC1