From the moment we returned to the Calder Valley, we’ve known there’s a murderer mutilating prostitutes in the Halifax area.


But who could be capable of such a thing? That’s what Catherine Cawood and her police colleagues have been trying to figure out.

Last week they arrested Sean, but is he really to blame? Or is the killer still hidden in plain sight?

Here are our top six suspects – which one of them could be the murderer?

Cast an eye over the evidence and vote for your prime suspect below.



The nefarious looking Neville Longbottom of the Calder Valley, Sean’s been a bit of an odd ‘un since first we encountered him having a to-do with boss Nevison Gallagher – and his quick temper and penchant for prowling around in his white van don’t inspire much faith that he's free of guilt.

We also know he attacked one prostitute, so who’s to say he isn’t capable of attacking and murdering others?

There is one very big seed of doubt, though – the look on Sean’s face when murder was mentioned at the police station. Even Jodie Shackleton doesn’t think he’s got his head screwed well enough on to carry out the complicated crimes he's been charged with.



When Catherine Cawood refuses to drink your tea, there’s clearly something up. Because nobody in Happy Valley says no to a brew.

So we’re totally justified in thinking there’s something NOT right with Neil, much as we’d love him to give Clare her long overdue happily ever after.

He seems utterly obsessed by what Catherine thinks about him, and is that because he has something to hide? We already know he’s keeping information about Vicky to himself, only breaking down and telling Clare when the pressure became too much.

And when Clare confronted him in the supermarket, we started to worry she’d find herself next on the kill list.



Oh John. What have you done? And was your mistress the only woman you murdered?

That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves ever since he mercilessly watched Sean dragged in for a crime he knew he’d committed himself.

We know the bumbling policeman can be cruel, and had no qualms about letting his adulterous wife have it when he found out what she was up to, but does he really have it in him to kill a whole string of prostitutes? Or was that look of shock when he finished off blackmailing Vicky a genuine one?

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Looming in the shadows of the farmhouse in the first episode, Daryl’s been a bit of a wild card. But surely there’s a reason we’ve continued to revisit his storyline throughout the series?

The ominous music that seems to follow him suggests something sinister is up with the lad. Like that time he was unloading sacks from a truck with his mother and we fully expected her to drag a body out next.

And then there was that hammer he had no qualms about pulling on the hooligans. Violence comes easily to the young man, who really doesn’t like the idea of having to give his finger prints or his DNA.

Is he nervous? Or hiding something really rather sinister?



Ok, ok, you’re not buying it yet, but hear us out.

We know Daniel’s been a bit off ever since he returned home to hide out with his mam. And we know he’s been having an affair with – to quote Catherine – his “little bitch of an ex girlfriend while his perfectly lovely wife was in hospital giving birth to their first child”.

Who’s to say he didn’t lash out? Who’s to say the years spent thinking his mother wished he’d died instead of his sister didn’t have an impact? Who’s to say he isn’t the one taking his anger out on the ladies of the night?



The big baddie of series one has been languishing behind bars trying to make Frances do his bidding, but what if he’s working on Plan B?

We know he’s willing to do anything to bring Catherine down, and we wouldn’t put orchestrating the odd murder past him. After all, he does want her out of the way, and framing her for a string of killings would be just the ticket.

Obviously, that plan hasn’t worked out for him – she’s got a Rocky Horror Show-shaped alibi. But the time warp has nothing on this guy’s warped mind…


Happy Valley continues on Tuesday nights on BBC1 at 9pm