New shiny-floor TV series Pitch Battle sees 30 choirs battling it out to win £50,000 in Pitch Perfect style showdown, so who better to oversee musical proceedings than the man who helped make the original movie a success?


Meet Deke Sharon, the man behind the musical mash-ups…

Name: Deke Sharon

Twitter: @dekesharon

Best known for: being “the father of contemporary a capella”, promoting the singing style around the world, and bringing it to the big screen in smash hit musical comedy Pitch Perfect.

Basically, he gave the world THIS. Bow down.

Bio: Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Deke Sharon is all about singing. He’s been making music with his mouth since he was just eight years old, having toured North America sharing the stage with the likes of Pavarotti.

Whilst at university he was determined to make a capella cool again and began working on a new dense vocal-instrumental sound that we now come to associate with the term.

The man can actually teach you how to sing like an instrument. It’s pretty cool.

Over the past few years he’s been working as a producer on a show called The Sing-Off, which sees a capella groups going head to head in spectacular TV sing-offs. He’s also worked with some major players in the field and is a big supporter of a capella music group Pentatonix.

And yes, as you may have gathered, he’s the Arranger, on-site Music Director and Vocal Producer for the Pitch Perfect movies. So basically you have him to thank for Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson’s cracking cinematic antics.

He won’t be judging the acts, but he will be sharing some feedback and arranging their big musical numbers at the start of each show.


Pitch Battle begins on BBC1 at 7.30pm on Saturday 17th June