Fire up the kiln and get that potter's wheel spinning, because The Great Pottery Throw Down is back for more "undulating bottoms", "great cracks" and "lovely jugs".


Pottery's answer to The Great British Bake Off first aired on BBC2 back in 2015, and now the team is back for a second series featuring presenter Sara Cox and expert judges Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones.

In case you need a reminder, here's who will be judging the contestants' ceramic creations...

Who is Kate Malone?

Presenter Sara and judges Keith and Kate

Kate Malone is a British studio potter, known for creating large, complex sculptural vessels – though her works include everything from egg cups to building facades.

She once announced that "pottery is almost as good as sex," although for some reason the BBC haven't put it after the watershed.

Kate studied at Bristol Polytechnic and at the Royal College of Art, and her works are now included in collections around the country – including at the Ashmolean Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Manchester Art Gallery.

Malone's creations, inspired by everything from artichokes to fennel to pistachios, come with a price tag: for example, one work currently for sale (Monumental Button Lady Gourd, 2010) could be yours for £28,500.

Who is Keith Brymer Jones?

The Great Pottery Throw Down series 2 contestants

While you might have trouble scraping together the money for a Kate Malone piece, you can buy a Keith Brymer Jones mug for just £9.99. Keith's style is more understated and stripped-back, using retro lettering and neutral colours.

The contemporary potter started out as the lead singer of British punk band The Wigs, but soon became an apprentice at Harefield Pottery in London.

He's created modern ceramics for retailers including Conran, Habitat, Laura Ashley, Heal's and John Lewis. For 20 years he's been developing his "Word Range", imprinting words like "hot" and "happy!" and "coffee".

As judge of The Great Pottery Throw Down, Keith immediately gained a reputation for becoming emotionally overwhelmed by the contestants' creations - and even shedding a tear.


The Great Pottery Throw Down airs from 2nd February on BBC2 at 8pm