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When is Michael McIntyre's The Wheel on TV? How game show works and who the celebrity experts are

Everything you need to know about Michael McIntyre's new BBC game show, The Wheel.

The Wheel with Michael McIntyre
Published: Friday, 27th November 2020 at 11:20 am

Michael McIntyre's new game show, The Wheel, is set to brighten up our Saturday evenings on BBC One this winter.


Packed with huge stars, big laughs and a giant spinning winning, the show will see contestants guided by celebrity experts as they answer their way to a fortune – or not, if they get it wrong.

So, when is it on? What can viewers expect? And how exactly does the game work?

Here's everything you need to know.

When is The Wheel on TV?

The Wheel starts on BBC One on Saturday 28th November at 20:30pm.

New episodes will air weekly, with repeats also showing on BBC One on Saturdays at midnight.

How does The Wheel work?

As you probably guessed from the name, the show involves a physical wheel which is 42ft wide, with seven celebrities sat upon it.

But before we get to the celebrities, there is a smaller wheel with contestants which must be spun.

"We came up with the idea of having another wheel underneath the main wheel, of contestants, so there would be the three contestants on the contestant wheel under the main wheel," McIntyre explains.

"And the contestant wheel is spun and whoever lands in the middle... is selected and they rise up. And the idea is for them to stay on the wheel, keep answering the questions until the end where they can win big money. But every time they get a question wrong, they slip back onto the contestant wheel which is spun again."

When the contestant is picked, they join Michael and the celebrities in the middle of the main wheel, where their game will begin.

The contestant will select which category they want to take on and will answer it with the help of one of the celebrities – who all bring a different expertise to the game.

The Wheel
The Wheel BBC

However, the contestant won't get to decide which celebrity helps them as it is up to the other wheel, which spins the famous faces. Whoever this lands on when it stops will have to help answer the question, regardless of whether they're an expert in that field.

You can imagine the horror if it lands on a category that's out of their comfort zone!

McIntyre continued: "The game play is that the contestant has to pick a category, for example, television, we had Richard Madeley representing television. So he is the expert, he is lit up in gold and if you land on him, that's worth £10,000 to the prize pot.

"The contestant then has to pick another person from the wheel which they feel don't watch television. If it lands on that person which is shut down in red, then you're immediately off the wheel."

The contestants have a one in seven chance of being thrown off as well as a one in seven chance of landing on the expert.

"Then we spin all the experts quite fast and then hopefully you land on gold, you don't want to land on red," McIntyre added.

"Or you land on Kate Humble who represents farm animals but she has to help you with television or the Reverend Richard Coles who is there because of religion who has to help you with tennis because Judy Murray is the expert."

In order to build their prize packet, the contestants must keep answering questions correctly. However, as soon as they get a question wrong they are lowered down and the contestant wheel is spun again.

Once all seven categories are completed, whichever contestant is in control of the wheel at the end has to answer one last question in order for them to take home the prize money.

Who is the host?

Comedian Michael McIntyre will host the BBC game show. McIntyre is an English comedian, writer, and television presenter.

Speaking of his new TV show, he said: "I am thrilled to be hosting a show that does reinvent the wheel! Contestants will be competing to win big money, celebrity experts will have their knowledge put the test, and I will desperately be trying to avoid too many puns. I simply can't wait to get behind the wheel, I'm dizzy with excitement!”

Kate Phillips, Controller Entertainment Commissioning, added: “Michael is the perfect ringmaster for this unique game that will get celebrities in a right old spin and everyone at home playing along.”

Who are the celebrity experts?

You can expect to see many celebrities from former The Only Way is Essex stars to TV presenter Dermot O'Leary and fashion guru Gok Wan.

McIntyre said: "So we had Carol Vorderman on numbers, Professor Green on rap music, Chris Kamara on football, Gemma Collins on Essex..."


He added: "Obviously, the experts are very nervous about getting their own questions wrong and being shown up. All the experts play along secretly on keypads. So we collate their scores and then I reveal the rank order of how they performed from the best celebrity expert to the worst… it’s very, very stressful."


The Wheel starts in BBC One on Saturday November 28th at 8:30pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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