When is Channel 4’s Jamie Cooks Italy on TV? What’s it about?

When and where to watch Jamie Oliver's latest culinary quest

Jamie Cooks Italy (C4)

The man who revolutionised (or ruined, depending on your point of view) an entire generation’s school lunches, Jamie Oliver is a man on a mission: inspiring the nation to cook hearty, healthy meals. And where better to go than Italy, the home of age-old, slow-food recipes passed down through the generations?


Here’s everything you need to know about Jamie Oliver’s latest culinary quest, Jamie Cooks Italy.

When is Jamie Cooks Italy on TV?

Jamie Cooks Italy airs on Mondays at 8.30pm on Channel 4. There are eight episodes.

What’s the show about?

The clue’s in the name, as Jamie Oliver and his long-time mentor Gennaro Contaldo visit Italy in an attempt to uncover the nation’s culinary secrets.

The pair visit eight regions –  from Puglia to Tuscany and Rome – beginning with the lush Aeolian Islands, north of Sicily. As a chef who has long championed home cooking, it’s no wonder Jamie is drawn to the country that apparently boasts “the best home-cooked recipes in the world”.


Jamie taps the knowledge of the local ‘nonnas’, or grandmothers, who pass on to the famed chef their fabled, generations-old recipes; starting with squid and rabbit in the first episode.