What time is Born in Chelsea: Baby Steps on TV?

Everything you need to know about Binky and JP's attempts to bring up baby India


Made in Chelsea stars Binky and JP fumble their way through parenthood in their follow-up to Born in Chelsea.


What time is it on?

Born in Chelsea: Baby Steps airs on Sunday 30th July on E4 at 9pm

Who are Binky and JP?

Binky is one of the original stars from Made in Chelsea having first appeared on the show in 2011. JP (Josh Patterson) joined later on in the 9th series when he first started dating Binky. Since then the two have been involved in one of the most tempestuous romances featured on the E4 series, sharing an on-off relationship since their first date in 2015.

What happened in Born in Chelsea?

The first instalment of the pair’s spin-off show followed the two Made in Chelsea stars as they prepared for the arrival of their baby daughter by renovating the house and getting tips from their parents.

How do they cope with parenting?


Now the baby has arrived the couple face a whole new set of challenges including nappy changes, troublesome breast pumps and baby puke at a photo-shoot. The show promises to give us a real insight into the day-to-day challenges that come with having to look after a newborn baby.