What should Benedict Cumberbatch’s new name be?

The Sherlock star used US chat show Jimmy Kimmel to try out some alternatives. Dikembe Mutombo anyone?

“My name’s Gary Miller, I work in agricultural insurance and I’d like to buy you a drink.”


Not the hottest chat-up line, we grant you… but wait till you see who said it.

Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is bored of his current moniker (who wouldn’t be when it has its own name generator?), and so has decided to use US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live to try out some new ones.

So whether it’s certified public accountant David Weinstein, The Hamburgler, Sandi with an ‘I’ or John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, it’s time to pick your favourite new name for Benedict Cumberbatch.


And yes, of course this calls for a vote. Hope we haven’t missed any…