Jeremy Vine

GREATEST STRENGTH Jeremy is certainly entertaining... He dances with great earnestness, but sadly to no great effect. He’s having the time of his life, though!


COULD IMPROVE He needs to calm down and relax a bit — sometimes less is more. He needs to learn some control.

BIGGEST WEAKNESS He just doesn’t have much dance talent. He can put the steps

FINAL GRADE? DD. Zero chance. He’s a double D — a Dance Disaster!

Katie Derham

GREATEST STRENGTH Her ballroom, because she has real class and elegance. Particularly with Anton as her partner — he’s a ballroom babe and is relishing having a partner who can really dance!

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BIGGEST WEAKNESS Latin isn’t her thing — she’s the opposite of Jamelia in that way. She lacks the hip action and needs to start getting down and dirty.

COULD IMPROVE She looks like she’s constantly
at finishing school and balancing books on her head! She needs to let years of posture go. Maybe a shot of vodka would do the trick — she needs to let her hair down!

BEHAVIOUR She’s inquisitive and asks lots of questions — whenever I talk to her I feel as if I’m being interviewed on the red carpet at the Proms...

FINAL GRADE? B. If she’s lucky and gets ballroom towards the semi-final, then she could be in the final.

Jay McGuiness

GREATEST STRENGTH Wow, the boy can adapt to every dance thrown his way! I love watching him. He actually looks like a ballroom dancer — his jive was absolutely spectacular.

BIGGEST WEAKNESS He goes wrong. Although he has managed to overcome his nerves, they sometimes still get the better of him.

COULD IMPROVE If he messes up a step he needs to recover so that it doesn’t ruin the whole dance. But that’s something he can easily learn with practice.

BEHAVIOUR He has been completely transformed. When he first arrived he was incredibly quiet and would avoid everyone else by hiding behind scenery, in stairwells, in cupboards, behind his hair... But now he’s lost the hair he talks to everyone and walks down the corridor like John Travolta!


FINAL GRADE A+. He is definitely capable of winning.