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We can only publish this sweary Matt and Rylan Xtra Factor interview if we swap all the F-words for Wagner

You won't Wagner-ing believe what the new Xtra Factor Live hosts said

Published: Saturday, 20th August 2016 at 10:00 am

Matt Edmondson and Rylan Clark-Neal are hosting this year’s re-vamped The Xtra Factor Live and it’s safe to say they’re already doing an excellent job of providing the ‘X’. Well, X-rated.


Yes, while chatting all things Xtra, we got ourselves a very sweary interview. It certainly follows that Edmondson used to host his own X Factor spin-off entitled ‘The F Factor’. F-bombs were flying all over the place. It was all fascinating stuff, but not exactly family-friendly...

But it’s OK. We’ve come up with a peachy plan to make it much more gentle on the old eyeballs: replacing all of the f-words with the name of legendary former contestant Wagner.

Much better.

On Louis Walsh’s return…

Matt: I think going away from the show and coming back has given him a renewed sense of power because it’s like ‘Oh, [Simon] needs me. He wants me back.

[R aside: “I know that feeling.”]

M: Also he just doesn’t give a Wagner.

Rylan: Louis don’t need to give a Wagner! Louis is Louis Walsh, if he don’t work again, he’s laughing. So are generations of Louis Walsh to come. And it’s like Sharon [Osbourne] as well. That’s the best thing about Sharon and Louis mainly. They are... you’ve said, it I think…

M: … Sharon’s got ‘Wagner-you’ money. So she doesn’t have to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. So she’s only there for the fun of it. So if someone says ‘Oh Sharon act like this’, she’ll say no. What they gonna do about it? She’s not worried about keeping her job, or ‘I need to get paid for this’. She doesn’t care.

R: Couldn’t give a Wagner.

M: It's like full on vintage nostalgia, it’s like a super group of judges.

R: It’s like ‘X Factor’. I know that sounds like a stupid thing to say, but the X Factor this year is the X Factor we all loved. And it’s back.

M: I think they’ve been experimental the last few years.

R: They’ve played about. They’ve had a Wagner about. They’ve had a fiddle and do you know what? Don’t fix something that’s not broken. This year the panel, the new format… the newest thing about the whole format is us and what we’re doing [Xtra Factor Live will now go live every week on ITV2 even when the main show is pre-recorded]. But it’s not a stupid change - it’s actually a change for the better that people will actually prefer. But the whole of this year is X Factor back at its best.

The only reason I came back this year is because it is X Factor to me. And do you know what, there’s been previous series where it hasn’t felt ‘X Factor X Factor’. But this one…

M: It’s gone back to the silly side of it. And fun. There have been years where it’s maybe taken itself too seriously. Or where all of the judges have had a degree of integrity to maintain, whereas Louis doesn’t need to maintain any integrity.

R: Louis couldn’t give a Wagner.

As for their own show…

R: We’re not frightened about Wagnering it up. We’re not frightened about losing it because we’re just literally living in the moment for it.

M: Like dogs, just living for the day, one day at a time.

On nerves about making mistakes on air…

R&M: Nah!

R: No, we don’t care, Wagner it!


The Xtra Factor Live returns to ITV2 at 9.30pm on Saturday 27th August and 9pm on Sunday 28th August


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