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Watch X Factor hopeful Joseph McCaul's Eurovision performance

The singer represented Ireland at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with his sister Donna

Published: Saturday, 19th September 2015 at 6:30 pm

Joseph McCaul has returned to X Factor this year after getting the boot at Boot Camp in 2012, but it's his time as a double act with his sister Donna that more will know him for. 


“In Ireland, I would have been a household name with my sister Donna. We represented Ireland in Eurovision in 2005," McCaul told 

Their place in the contest came after winning RTÉ's reality show You're a Star, which called on the audience to vote for who they wanted to represent them. 

McCaul and his sister were actually Ireland’s youngest entrants for Eurovision, just 16 and 23 at the time, but they failed to get past the semi-final round in Ukraine with their track 'Love?'. “Next question…” McCaul laughed when asked how well they did. “We didn’t do well.”

The duo placed 14th out of 25, which wasn't enough to see them through. But McCaul has had a taste of that success and wants it back. 

"We toured with Westlife, we toured Europe, we were signed to Universal, and it all fell apart," McCaul explained, with Donna now living in LA pursuing her own dream of a solo career. "Now I’m back singing in pubs and open mics. I just want it back. I just want success. To me it’s about achieving.”


How will McCaul get on in front of this year's X Factor judges? Tune in tonight from 8:00pm on ITV.


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