Watch the moment these 100K Drop contestants win the biggest prize of the series

Would you have known the answer to this £75,000 question?

100K Drop winning contestants

Greece or Italy? That was the question as contestants David and Jonathan found themselves at the eighth and final question of Channel 4 quiz show The 100K Drop, still with three-quarters of their original stake left to play for.


The two friends had the chance to win £75,000 if they could correctly say which of the two countries was home to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

But place their money on the wrong spot and a trap door would open and the cash would be down the chute and gone forever.

After some debate they plumped for Italy but admitted “It’s the only one we had no idea on”. So it was an incredibly tense moment as ominous chords played and they waited for the correct answer to be revealed – to find that they would be taking home the biggest prize of the series so far…


The 100K Drop is on 4pm weekdays on Channel 4