It's Friday - the day of the week we like to reserve for watching cute things on the internet (who are we kidding? That's every day...)

But this morning's offering is so much more than just a video of bunnies. It's a video of cartoon bunnies, created by Kevin Spacey, voiced by Kevin Spacey AND telling the life story of Kevin Spacey (so far). And it manages to do all that in a mere thirty seconds. Beyond a newfound appreciation for the man himself, this mini-autobiography recalls some pretty starry moments (and some amusing tales of wee and vomit).

Before you click play, read what the man himself had to say...

"You have to understand a few things about my life before watching it. First I started acting when I was very young. Played Captain Von Trapp in my high school production of the Sound of Music; which co-starred the great actress Mare Winningham (St. Elmos Fire), who one night got very ill and threw up in my Captain’s hat. I also used to go to the theatre regularly and once waiting for Katharine Hepburn after a performance in a play and she and I would begin a correspondence that lasted for years. Later when I met and worked with Jack Lemmon, he had his agent bring his prized golf bags from Los Angeles to Washington, DC - where we were performing Long Day’s Journey into Night at the National Theatre; and when his agent stepped out of the car, I was out in front of the hotel walking my dog - Sleight - and while we were talking my dog pissed all over Jack’s golf bags. This became a running joke between us that lasted for years. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little video of my life. I’ve done some of the voices, which have been bunnified."


Kevin Spacey's Life in 30 Seconds (and re-enacted by Bunnies) from Kevin Spacey on Vimeo.

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