Watch Countdown’s Susie Dent tackling the F-word in a new series about swearing

The queen of Dictionary Corner gets fruity in All4's shorts about the history and usage of four (and more) letter words...


She’s uncovered one or two risqué words during her time in Countdown’s Dictionary Corner (remember this?) but Susie Dent is going all out in a new All4 show investigating the history and usage of our favourite swear words.


We’ll learn the stories behind the origins of words, the rich and varied ways they can be used (as if you didn’t already know) and to stop things getting too lowbrow, there’s a reminder that “the occupation with cursing is not simply a childish preoccupation with profanity, it’s a sign of an age-old love affair with the intricacies and nuances of our native tongue”. 

There are five three-minute episodes, taking in an S-word, two B-words, a T, an F and a C-word. So all bases covered there. 

To give you a taster, here’s what Susie has to say about the F-word…

The following clip contains repeated strong language


All episodes of Susie Dent’s Guide To Swearing are available now on All4