Vote to save your favourite Monopoly piece – or risk it being replaced by a hashtag or emoji

The fate of the wheelbarrow is in your hands...


In a leap of modernity, Monopoly is calling on fans to vote online for their favourite game pieces to appear in the next version of the board game.


Since its arrival in living rooms at the turn of the 20th century, some of the original Monopoly game pieces have become iconic: the top hat, the thimble, the shoe.

But now fans have the choice to replace all of them with a range of 50 new options, which you can pick by finding them in the Monopoly Mansion to the sound of some jazzy tunes. Panic not, you can choose to save the oldies, too.

Amongst the modern offerings are: aviator shades, a kissing emoji, a thumbs-up and an actual hashtag.

But it ain’t all bad – for traditionalists there is also an old-style record player, a type writer and a vintage telephone.

Voting is open until 31st January – sounds fun, right?

Not for everyone. Some fans of the game are very attached to the classic tokens and aren’t at all comfortable with the changes in store, with a certain canine piece holding a special place in people’s hearts…