Viral video of the day: QVC presenters row over whether the moon is a planet or a star

Star or planet? Star or planet? STAR OR PLANET?

Things got a little bit heated on the shopping channel QVC this week when host Shawn Killinger and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi got into a row about whether the moon is a star or a planet. 


It started all very normally. Killinger was just trying to say that a cherry blossom print cardigan looked a bit like earth does when you’re a “bizillion miles away”. Ok, following so far.

“…looking down from planet moon.” 

Nope, now you’ve lost us. 

Even Killinger wasn’t sure if she was right.

“The planet moon? From the moon looking back at the earth,” she corrected herself.

Mizrahi, however, was pretty darn sure she was right. “The moon is a planet, darling.”

And that was it. It was like high school science books at dawn:

Killinger: “The sun is a star. Is the moon really a planet?”

Mizrahi: “The moon is a planet.”

Killinger: “Don’t look at me like that, the sun is a star. Is the sun not a star?”

Mizrahi: “I don’t know what the sun is.”

Killinger: “The sun is a star isn’t it? The sun is a star. The moon is not a planet.”


Things seemed to calm down when Killinger appeared to get a message in her ear about the sun indeed being a star. Well, after she’d yelled that she was right. 

Hopefully QVC also flogs astronomy books so they can discover the moon is actually Earth’s only natural satellite.


Fast forward to seven minutes in unless you’re particularly partial to cherry blossom print cardigans…