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Viewers outraged by "sexist" and "homophobic" men on Eden: Paradise Lost

The comments and behaviour of a splinter group called the 'valley boys' left viewers aghast

Published: Friday, 11th August 2017 at 8:50 am

Last night's penultimate episode of Eden: Paradise Lost has provoked a strong reaction from fans, who were outraged by what they saw as "sexist" behaviour and a series of "homophobic" remarks from some of the camp's men.


A splinter group called the 'valley boys' were the source of the ire – splitting themselves off from the rest of the group and making the decision to take on an all-meat diet, leading to increased slaughter of the community's livestock.

They then went on to make a series of sexist and homophobic remarks, leaving viewers aghast:

Channel 4's doomed reality series-cum-social experiment returned this week with five hour-long episodes depicting the events of last year, when the broadcaster dropped 23 men and women into the Scottish Highlands for 12 months and tasked them with setting up a new, idyllic society.

Things didn't exactly go to plan. A combination of depression, hunger and in-fighting saw the society collapse. Only ten contestants stayed until the end of the show, with many pulling out due to health concerns.

After a brief run in summer 2016, the show went off the air. The contestants emerged in March of this year to discover that they were not quite reality TV famous yet.


The show's revival this week was billed as a dark depiction of how things fell apart – and so far it has lived up to expectations.


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