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University Challenge introduces viewers to an all-female team, a convincing lookalike - and the concept of Sphincter Preservation as a degree subject

Twitter users definitely learnt something on this week's show

Published: Tuesday, 6th October 2015 at 8:38 am

You can expect to pick up a few interesting facts whenever you watch University Challenge. But the piece of trivia that really captured viewers' imaginations this week didn't come from Jeremy Paxman's question cards but from the introduction by one of the contestants.


"Hello, my name's Kate Lynes. I'm from the University of Nottingham and I'm studying for an MD in Sphincter Preservation..."

Sorry, did we hear that right?

Let's just check shall we?

Yep, Sphincter Preservation, that's definitely what she said. So, any comments about that, Twitter? Yep, thought so...

Almost as surprising – and just as pleasing to most – was the rare sight of an all-female team...

Although, didn't one of them look kind of familiar...?

We hope this wasn't a spoiler for an episode of Family Guy we haven't seen yet.


Come to think of it, Sphincter Preservation sounds exactly like the kind of thing Peter Griffin would come up with...


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