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Top 10 TV Tims

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Published: Friday, 2nd October 2015 at 7:45 am



Is your name Tim? Do you know someone called Tim? Share the love...

A self deprecating prankster who's unlucky in love - who could be a better role model to those called Tim across the globe than everyone's favourite character from The Office?

Timmy from South Park doesn't say much... apart from his name. And that's fine.

Everyone loves this 90s sitcom all-American "hero", right?

Has anyone ever shouted "Language, Timothy!" at you? If so, they were probably referring to Ronnie Corbett's 40-something librarian Timothy who still with lived his mum. It's such a funny idea they made it into seven series of BBC sitcom running from 1981 until 1988.

Are you posh and stupid? Probably not, but if your name is Tim this is an insult you've definitely heard time and again from the 90's television TV-inspired bully. One of many classic characters to emerge from Harry Enfield's seminal sketch series, Tim Nice But Dim will haunt all those called Tim until the day they die.

Admit it, you didn't know his name was Timothy, did you?

There's a good chance at some point most people called Tim have had this name slung at them across the playground/ office/ beer garden. Perhaps you were too afraid to ask, but Mr Claypole is of course a stupid mischievous joker in 70s/80s children's programme Rentaghost.

Of course no list of TV Tims would be complete without Lassie's most famous sidekick.

If you're a Tim old enough to have children, you'll probably recognise this Tim from the CBeebies live-action retelling of Jean and Gareth Adamson's classic twin-tastic tales.


He's a three-year-old sheep with a TV show. What's not to like?


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