Too Hot to Handle saw contestants across the Netflix series try to learn and grow to become better at forming relationships - all while abstaining from sexual activity.


If they managed to do so, they bagged a share of a whopping $100,000, but that didn't last for long.

Now, Netflix has released a video sharing some truly mind-blowing secrets from the sizzling hot production.

Read on to find out more.

1. The casting process was rather complex

Where on earth do you find 10 smoking hot contestants to take part in a reality show where they would be parading around in their bikinis?

Why, Instagram of course!

According to the video, producers scouted the worldwide cast members and then sent them through an interview process.

The only thing they needed to have on their CV? They had to be "sexy, sexed up and charismatic".

2. That twist...

In order to find their perfect candidates, Too Hot to Handle bosses asked them some very personal questions about their sex lives, all to determine whether the no contact twist would be effective.

Once they had their group, the producers only told them they would be spending some time in the sun, there would be some kind of prize, and the show was related to dating.

When they found out the true nature of Too Hot to Handle in episode one, that was their genuine reaction.

Too Hot to Handle

3. Isolation was key

The cast members only found out who they would be sharing the luxurious Mexico retreat with when they all met each other in episode one.

But ensuring they wouldn't cross paths turned out to be an unexpected logistical nightmare.

Since all the cast were coming from across the world, airport run-ins were a very real problem. Thankfully, the contestants were all put on different flights to ensure they wouldn't bump into each other.

For extra security, they had a production handler with them at all times and were kept in isolation three days before filming started.

4. Location, Location, Location

With picture-perfect sea views, quiet beaches, and the most luxurious villa we've ever seen, we can't help but feel envious of the contestants for staying in that amazing place.

And if money is no object, you can stay there too, for a cool $15,000 a night - but it does come with a private chef.

When the contestants stayed there, they weren't allowed to leave for the entire shoot, but we can think of worse places to be stuck in.

5. Forget privacy

The rooms in the luxury villa were all equipped with microphones and cameras, so every single conversation - and more importantly, rule breaks - were caught.

There was then a team of five cameras that followed the group around when they strayed outside the villa walls for dates.

Too Hot to Handle

6. No outside access allowed

The contestants weren't allowed any access with the outside world during their time in the Retreat. They didn't have access to phones, books, or iPads, so there really wasn't much else to do but chat and flirt with their colleagues.

The only moment of contact with the outside world came when Rhonda had a small FaceTime session with her son. Sharron was invited too, so he could meet the little one.

7. There were alcohol limits

To stop the prize money from deteriorating any faster than it did - Harry and Francesca, we're looking at you - Too Hot to Handle producers kept a close eye on alcohol and didn't allow them to drink too much.

Definitely for the best or that $100,000 prize fund would be non-existent!

8. Lana's origins

Eagle-eyed robot Lana didn't miss a trick and was on hand to make sure there was no funny business going on in the villa.

Apparently, the production team worked long and hard on several prototypes to get the Alexa-style AI box just right.

As for where the name came from? You'll have to watch the video to see...


Too Hot to Handle is available to stream now on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.