Tom Hiddleston did an awesome impression of Idris Elba talking about Bond

Another one to add to his collection


If there are two things Tom Hiddleston is known for, they are his celebrity impressions and his bid to play Bond.


(OK, make that three things. The internet is pretty obsessed by his relationship with Taylor Swift right now.)

But back to those impressions… Over the years, the Night Manager star has successfully imitated the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Alan Rickman, Graham Norton and even had the guts to impersonate Robert DeNiro in front of the man himself.

His next victim? Idris Elba – a fellow British actor also tipped to pick up the reins from current 007 Daniel Craig. And the subject of his impression? All those Bond rumours, of course – and we must admit, he’s got the art of imitation down to a tee.


The impression took place during an interview in the States at the SAG-AFTRA foundation – jump ahead to 1:11:15 to see Hiddles’ best ‘Idris’. And for an extra treat, you can see impersonations of his Night Manager co-stars Tom Hollander (at 20:08), Olivia Colman (32:20) and Hugh Laurie (34:10) as well.