Tom Daley took that ‘Divey mcdiveface’ photoshop prank really well

The Olympic diver asked for help with a new Twitter cover photo and really enjoyed the ensuing online fallout


Tom Daley asked Twitter for help with a new cover photo and it went as well as you’d expect.


Those who are a dab hand on Photoshop set about editing Daley into various places including parliament, that flying scene from Titanic and sitting among the Teletubbies. 

Also, after hoards of people voted to name the Natural Environment Research Council’s new vessel Boaty McBoatface, Daley earned his own ‘Divey mcdiveface’ snap. 

The Olympic diver took it all in good spirits though, saying the entries had had him in “stitches”. After announcing his (serious) winner, he revealed the rest of his, prank-filled, top ten:


You have to love the internet…