Will (6-years-old)


"The vehicles were legit. And the bit when Alan went on the Thunderbird 3 skateboard thing was epic. But it was really messed up when the car flew. It’s either a car or a plane. You can’t have both.

"And I was a bit annoyed when the girl did the halo dive – I thought she’d stolen that from Captain Kirk from Star Trek, so I kind of wanted her to crash.

"Also, I reckon it would be quite funny to see them all go to the toilet because it would probably be really hi-tech. They’d have to wear seat belts, go down secret passages and spin upside down before they landed on the loo.

"It was weird that we didn’t know where the dad was. He’s just gone. If he’s dead, I think we should have seen him die. Or just have seen his body. That would have been fine.

"I also thought that the Hood looked like Voldemort. And the music was too loud. But I thought the characters were quite good. I liked the way that all the gadgets and stuff worked. I’d watch it again."

Hugh (10-years-old)

"It wasn’t the best. I preferred the puppet version. It went way over the top. It was too much bang, bang, bang. Do you know what I mean? They didn’t really pause for breath.

"I mean, if I was making the first episode of something, I’d want to introduce the characters properly. I didn’t really feel like I knew who all they all were. And I didn’t like it that Jeff Tracy was dead – I liked him in the old series.

"Lady Penelope was a bit useless. None of the girls really did much, which I thought was a bit bad. Lady Penelope just sat in the car and she sounded quite meek and helpless.

"Also, they do SO many rescues. Like, one every six minutes. Imagine the size of the dinners they’d need to have enough energy. It would be carbohydrates ahoy! And in the old series, they didn’t have all the vehicles involved at once.

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"But I did think they paid a lot of attention to detail and – in some ways – it is quite faithful to the puppet series. It should be faithful if you’re doing a remake. I liked it that Scott said, 'changing to horizontal flight'. That was his catchphrase in the original. And the way the characters looked – they pulled that off quite well.


"But I’d only watch it again if I had to. I’d prefer to watch the old ones."