This terrified radio DJ is convinced her co-host is swearing live on air

Breakfast show host stuns his co-presenter when he lists off a whole bunch of swear words – thankfully, it's all a prank...


Viking Radio Breakfast Show presenter Alex Duffy pulled off an epic prank on his co-host Emma Louise Jones by pretending to swear filthily live on air.


Alex, insisting there’s new research to suggest ‘bad words’ aren’t actually that offensive anymore, sets about listing off the swear words he’s now ‘allowed’ to say.

Emma’s OK when the first word is ‘Bloody’, but as Alex reels off more and more words (no prizes for guessing which was number one) she starts to panic, squealing at him to stop.

“I do want my job!” Emma yells, jumping from her chair and calling for help from someone behind the scenes. Well, imagine the people at home, all choking on their cornflakes.


But as Emma was no doubt mentally going through her CV trying to figure out who on earth would hire her after this c***-up (might as well get into the sweary theme), Alex finally spills the truth…