This singer tried to wind up Audi and got a wonderful video response

Ben from Audi, we salute you


Mint Royale’s Neil Claxton has been winding up an Audi car dealership today with excellent results.


It comes after a bit of an email mix up. As the singer explains on his Twitter page, he finds that on occasion a fellow Neil Claxton – whom he dubs his “rugby player alter-ego” – gets their email addresses confused and so the Mint Royale star is looped into conversations that are nothing to do with him.

Spotting an opportunity, singer Claxton decided to get involved when rugby Claxton was trying to buy a new car from Audi. Having been inadvertently sent a video message about rugby Claxton’s potential purchase (posh, eh?) singer Claxton emailed them back for some very questionable bits of extra info.

This included whether an adult male could fit into the boot, if privacy glass could hide a spanner and ‘ketchup’ from view if left on the back seat, if the boot could be made waterproof so it could be washed down… you get the idea.

*round of applause*


Singer Claxton has not gone on to buy the car, but said “the other me certainly should”.