These are the X Factor acts we’ll see for the first time at Six Chair Challenge

Simon Cowell and co have clearly seen something in these singers - but we've seen almost nothing...

The X Factor has zoomed through the auditions round, Boot Camp and now we’re onto that Six Chair Challenge. But for some of the acts, it’s the first time we’ll properly see them. 


With so many people trying out for this year’s series, there are only so many auditions that can be shown. Especially when we need to leave time for the drama, the rows and Cowell’s concerns about seagulls attacking dogs. So as this third round gets underway, for these hopefuls it’ll be the the first time we properly get a taste of their vocal talents. 

It’s all about getting a chair now. A chair means a spot at this year’s Judges’ Houses, with Cheryl choosing the Groups, Rita the Girls, Grimmy the Boys and Mr Cowell the Overs. But will these singers be sitting tight, or will they be heading home? As Six Chairs kicks off this Sunday, see what you make of these acts whose auditions have so far been left on the cutting room floor… 

Chloe Baker

Her auditions haven’t been shown yet, but Chloe posted this snap of her group for this year’s Boot Camp opening challenge. Soloist Chloe is pictured fourth from the left. Now she just needs to wow at Wembley and get Rita to give her a seat in her category. No pressure, right?

Caitlyn Vanbeck

Judging by her posts on social media, Caitlyn’s having a blast on the X Factor. She won Edinburgh’s Got Talent in 2011 and you can have a listen to her vocal skills via her YouTube account. 

Danny Sharples

We got to see Danny during the Boot Camp team challenge, but the Liverpool lad has made his own version of his first audition as this wasn’t show in an episode. Check it out:

 Danny is second from the right in this clip from Boot Camp:

Jamie Eldridge

A few beady-eyed viewers have tweeted that they’ve spotted Jamie among the singers on X Factor, but we’re yet to see an audition from him. His own YouTube account is brimming with content though, so here’s a taste of his musical talents:

Martin Harich

Martin hails from Slovakia and it’s the fourth time the 20-year-old’s tried out for the X Factor. He flew over especially for this year’s auditions so here’s hoping Grimmers doesn’t send him straight back. Here’s a look at his work:

Cam and Brett

We’re yet to see much of Cam and Brett, but they’ve tweeted a snap of themselves backstage. Here’s hoping their vocals are more cheery.


We had a quick blast from the Decibellas during the Boot Camp group challenge, where they performed Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, but it will be good to hear them on their own so they can show what they’re made of. 


Six Chair Challenge will be our first snapshot of Goe, who we simply know are a group. The judges have clearly seen something, so we’re excited to find out what they’re all about. 


Have this boy band got what it takes to make this year’s Judges’ Houses? Have a listen and see if you think Cheryl should back them.

Lochei Kusi Ghent 

We had a peek at Lochei during the group challenge at Boot Camp (second from the right). Will Simon see a future chart-topper and add Lochei to his overs category?


The X Factor Six Chair Challenge starts Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV