The Voice UK 2014: Meet Kylie Minogue – ‘The hardest thing is saying no to people’

Who better to spin around than pop icon Kylie Minogue? Here’s what the new coach has to say about joining the show

Kylie Minogue is a grammy award-winning global artist who has sold more than 68 million records worldwide. This year she’s turning coach on singing talent show The Voice UK. Meet Kylie…


On joining The Voice:

“I watched the first two series and I really got into the show. I think as a teenager, I probably would have loved to have gone on it. I think I would have daydreamed about going on it. Would I have made it through? I have no idea.”

On those spinning chairs:

“It’s really nerve-wracking as to when you should press the button. I thought I would be looking for voices I could relate to, but actually I turned for voices that are nothing to do with me. It has been an amazing experience to hear some of their voices.”

On saying no:

“You form a picture in your mind from your set of life experiences about what the voice says to you, and then you turn around and it is very different. The hardest thing I have found is saying no to people.”

On the type of coach she is:

“I am strict if I have to be. I want them to feel they have support from me. I have been advising them on things that I have learned as a performer. I do care about it a lot and even when I go home, I find myself thinking about what is the best thing to do.”

On winning:

“It would be the cherry on the top. I actually think, however, it is more about the experience of doing it. It has to be – that is what you are aiming for of course.” 

The Voice starts Saturday 11 January at 7:00pm on BBC1