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The Voice coach on the biggest mistake he made this season

He couldn't forget this one

The Voice
Published: Saturday, 14th March 2020 at 6:30 pm

The Voice coach has reflected on one of the biggest regrets he had while putting together this season of ITV's talent show.


Without a doubt, the Black Eyed Peas frontman has a good ear for music and talent but it seems there was one contestant he wishes he turned round for.

Claudillea Holloway was initially on Meghan Trainor's team but was stolen to take place in Team Will.

The opera-singer mashed up contemporary with her classic style and it was right up's street.

Speaking about how he approached this year's Blind Auditions and what he wanted for his team, Will told and other press: "I come every year blank. I try to forget last year because that’s not fair on this year’s contestants.

"This year I made a mistake by doing the lottery thing hitting before they sing. Then the singer [Claudillea] that came who dropped the beat. There were a couple singers I was just madly passionate about.

"Gevanni [Hutton] reminds me of me especially when he said he wanted to give his mom a better life and that reminded me of what I said to my mom when I was 17."

What's more, Will is still learning himself, despite being a part of the show for the past eight years - but he does have a lot to pass on to his contestants.

When asked if his competitive spirit has changed much over the years, the rapper and producer explained: "I alter the competitive spirit and try to convey that to my contestants and try and get them to learn. If you compete and you lose then you just lost. If you learn and you lose, you’re a better artist when the show’s over.

"That’s what I’ve learned throughout the years. Winning isn’t everything and if you don’t believe me ask J Hud. She didn’t win the competition but she won at life. Olly didn’t win but he won at life. Winning isn’t everything."

But who will win? The remaining contestants still have a battle for the semi-final ahead of them as each coach will have to take their teams from six to two.


The Voice: Knockouts airs Saturday on ITV at 8.30pm. 


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